Lindsay, Ontario is home base for Dan Flood Technologies.  There are several options for PC repair in Lindsay, and we’re confident that you’ll find that is done best by Dan Flood Technologies.

PC Repair

Of course we offer much more then simple PC repair services. We also service Mac!  Also we’re the only local independent shop that offers online ordering, billing and service records.  Our hardware prices are hard to beat.  We’re happy to visit your home, business, office furniture outlet san Diego , cottage or anywhere in the City of Kawartha Lakes for a PC repair, network assistance or a security check.

Phone Service

Want a better home phone?  You will be amazed at what we can offer.  Paying too much for your business phone system?  You need to have a conversation with us.  Information about these services will be online soon!

Dan Flood Technologies – been around for a long time, and recently decided to make some noise about it!  The best choice for computer repair in the City of Kawartha Lakes!

From Wikipedia:

The Township of Ops was surveyed in 1825 by Colonel Duncan McDonell, and Lots 20 and 21 in the 5th Concession were reserved for a town site. The same year settlers began to come to the region, and by 1827, the Purdy’s, an American family, built a dam on theScugog River at the site of present-day Lindsay. The following year they built a sawmill, and in 1830, a grist mill was constructed.

A small village grew up around the mills, and it was known as Purdy’s Mills. In 1834, surveyor John Huston plotted the designated town site into streets and lots. During the survey, one of Huston’s assistants, Mr. Lindsay, was accidentally shot in the leg and died of an infection. He was buried on the riverbank and his name and death were recorded on the surveyor’s plan. The name Lindsay remained as the name of the town by government approval. Lindsay grew steadily and developed into a lumbering and farming centre.

With the arrival of the Port Hope Railway in 1857, the town saw a period of rapid development and industrial growth. On June 19 of the same year, Lindsay was formally incorporated as a town. In 1861, a fire swept through the town and most of Lindsay was destroyed with hundreds of people left homeless. It took many years for Lindsay to recover from this disaster. In the late 19th century, local photographers Fowler & Oliver worked out of the Sunbeam Photo Gallery. It was also the home to Sir Samuel Hughes, the Canadian Minister of Militia during the First World War. The Victoria Street Armouries were built during this time.

In 2001 Lindsay’s town government was officially dissolved and merged, with Victoria County into the new City of Kawartha Lakes.