VoIP Home Phone Service

VoIP phone service uses your existing high speed internet connection allowing you to make and receive phone calls without having to involve your traditional phone company.  This results in a better quality of service, more features at a much better price.  Unlike MagicJack no computer is required.


Dan Flood Technologies is very proud to offer our take on a VoIP service which includes many features for which other companies charge extra.

“Little company, big ambitions!”

Dan Flood Peterborough

For the longest time I’ve felt that phone companies take advantage of consumers who do not know about their options.  In development for several years, I’m now pleased to offer this new platform to you.  There are several great providers out there offering similar services such as Vonage, however you will find that nobody else offers the features, service and pricing that we do.

Dan Flood.

Included in all plans

These features are included in every plan.  Some other companies call them extra’s, we call them included essentials.

Keep your current telephone number

No need to change your number and go through the hassle of updating your contacts.  We can transfer (the term is ‘port’) your number to our service.

North America Unlimited* Calling

Long distance calling based on an area code or geographical region hasn’t been a real issue for a long time.  This doesn’t stop  phone companies and wireless providers from charging you for these calls anyway.

Using Dan Flood Technologies Home Phone this is no longer an issue.  Receive and make calls anywhere in North America without worrying about how long you talk.  Call internationally with the absolute lowest rates possible.

Pricing example:  Some companies charges $0.25 a minute for a “long distance” call from Peterborough to Toronto.  With us that call is free.  Actually $0.25 a minute can buy a call to a loved one in Afghanistan with our service!  (If you’re making a lot of calls overseas we can even make those free for you)

Lowest International Calling Rates Available

Call any phone on the planet for the lowest pricing possible.  For example, a call from Canada to Afghanistan is only $0.24 a minute.  A 20 minute phone call to Afghanistan from Canada would be $4.80

Local Loved Ones, Globally

Let loved ones overseas call you without any hassle what so ever.  Add a ‘local’ number in (for example) Algeria to your account, and let family and friends dial the number local to them to reach you.  Add another number in Australia and let friends and family there enjoy the same convenience.  Add additional ‘local’ numbers for only $4.00 a month.

Dial 321 for Instant Tech Support!

We can’t explain in words how much this feature is worth.  We may charge an additional fee for this in the future but if you sign up now it will always be free for you.  By dialing: 321 from your phone you will be immediately connected to Dan Flood Technologies for any phone, computer or technology related questions you may have.  Free tech support simply by dialing 321?  How amazing is that?

High Definition Voice

DFT Exclusive.  Have you heard the difference?  Our system supports the g.722 Codec.  What does that mean?  It means crystal clear audio.  Audio quality so good you’ll swear the other person is in the same room.  You may have heard this sort of quality on a Samsung S7 or iPhone 6 Smartphone – now available on your landline.  (Not included in Basic package) (HD-Ready phone required for full benefit)

Custom Heading for Feature Title

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Custom Heading for Feature Title

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

These advanced features can start to add up! Well, they could, but they're included free of charge.

We want you to have the best experience possible with our phone service.  You don’t need to worry about paying for features you don’t need, or budgeting for features that you have to have – they’re all there for you – included – if you want to use them or try them out – awesome!  If not, well there there for you if you decide to.  You have the freedom to decide.

Questions and Answers

How does this replace my current phone?

We supply you with an adapter that plugs into any telephone jack in your house, or directly to your phone.  The adapter also connects to your home internet router, and registers itself with our servers.  Now, when making or receiving calls it appears as nothing has changed.  Same dial-tone, same phone number, better service better price.  Advanced users may choose to use the IP Phone of their choosing – we do NOT lock our service.

Can I get a new number in my area?

As our service grows so will our local number availability.  Current customers in Lindsay or the Kawartha Lakes will receive a telephone number in the closest region available.  Currently for most of the C.O.K.L. that’s Peterborough.  Remember there is nothing considered ‘long distance’ for you when calling anywhere in North America.  Also calling other Dan Flood Technologies customers is always free.

** If you’re porting (transferring) your number to our service, this is not an issue 99% of the time. **

What about 911?

Our services connects to E911 it’s very important to keep your address files with us current, as this is how E911 will be able to locate you and respond to any emergency calls.

What if I have a poor internet connection?

If you have a poor internet connection or suspect that you do, you should allow us to inspect it for you before signing up.  You may also return your adapter and cancel your service without any penalty whatsoever if your internet connection is temperamental.  Rural wireless customer’s are the most likely to experience call issues due to poor internet response times.  Don’t worry – if it’s not working you can return it for a full refund within 40 days (assuming the equipment is undamaged)

How do I receive a fax without a separate number?

You can add a dedicated fax line, but it’s not necessary.  Our advanced technology LISTENS to the phone call before it rings your phone.  If it detects a fax, it receives it and sends an Adobe PDF file to your email.  if it does NOT detect a fax, your phone rings.  Also, if the incoming caller is on your blacklist, you aren’t disturbed at all and they receive a ‘number is disconnected’ message, but more on that later.


Just the bare minimum
24.99 per month

Unlimited North American Calling

Free transfer of your current number

Call Display

Call Waiting

Advanced Call Blocking

Advanced Call Privacy

Advanced Voicemail (with transcription option)

Access to add toll free numbers or additional global local access numbers