Some reasons why Dan Flood Technologies is the right choice.

We care. A lot. So we guarantee our work.

Once you’re a customer of ours we keep service records much like a mechanic would for your car.  We know what’s been done, what we have recommended and care about the health of your machines – if they’re running well it’s our hope that you’ll be a little happier and rave about us to anyone who will listen!  That’s why our work is guaranteed, and you have the peace of mind knowing that your money is well spent with our services.

Free estimates, and we don't overcharge for parts. Really.

Our philosophy is simple.  How can you trust a repair shop who’s main job is to sell you things you don’t need?

It’s for this reason that we offer free estimates for your computer repair or network issue.

“Yup, sure looks broke alright.  That’s be $99.95”

We do NOT make money selling you stuff.  We want your trust and your repeat business.  We want to make your life easier and your data safer.  If we order computers or equipment we sell to you at the lowest cost possible.  If someone else has a better price that we can’t match then we’ll buy it from them!  We treat you with the respect you’d offer a friend.

Fairly Priced.

If it’s a quick 5 minute fix in house we’re not even going to charge you.  That’s just unfair.  Same thing goes for house calls within Lindsay – If we’re only there for a few minutes it’s on us.There are many motor repair shop who offers these services to our clients .  Typically we have a menu of prices for different jobs, and on-site visits are charged per hour.  Remember, We are also one of the best flood repair companies available in the market.

If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay.

Big City Expertise, Small Town Heart.

We love the being in the City of Kawartha Kakes and Peterborough. The people, the scenery, everything.  We’re very lucky to call Peterborough & The Kawartha’s home.  Being raised around here I watched people drive in from Toronto for the weekend to visit their cottage or just to walk around and admire what we have…  Who would want to leave?

Every client we have is a neighbor we could meet on the street, and will tell their friends about great service (and three more if it’s bad!) that’s why we personally care about every single client.  We’re all part of this community and we want to be the company you depend on for your technology needs.

Free help. Even evenings and weekends.

Short version:  if it uses electricity or contains data we can help you.  Feel free to hit us up on Facebook or fire us an email for advice or tutorial tips whenever you feel like it.  That sort of help is always free and should be free!  Let’s be friends.

Choosing Dan Flood Technologies.

Make the call, send the text, click loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees direct lender like on Facebook or just get in touch somehow.  You’ll be glad you did.

Call (705) 772-7028 or 1-888-996-8895

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